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WhatsApp Mod Instagram – The world of technology is indeed growing, of course this makes all social media develop and always provides the latest feature updates to make users feel more comfortable using it.

For example, what happened to the WhatsApp application, which has undergone many changes.

Even now Whatsapp can update status like insta story with short videos, pictures and text.

With this, WhatsApp users are more comfortable with a myriad of interesting features.

Not only that, now there are many creative people who have modified the WhatsApp application to be more interesting.

So that it has a look and additional features that are not in the official version of WA, applications like this are often known as WhatsApp Mod Apk.

WA mod is a modified WhastApp application so that it has a myriad of interesting additional features.

Actually, there are several kinds of WhatsApp Mod that the admin discussed before, such as  WhatsApp Plus ,  FMWhatsapp,  GB WhatsApp .

In this post I will discuss again the WA Mod application that has a display like Instagram.

Download the Latest Version of YCWhatsApp

Application Name YCWhatsApp
Version 4.0
Size 37 MB
Developer Nickhollas Rodriguez

How to Install YCWhatsApp

  1. Make sure you download the YCWhatsApp application via the download button above.
  2. Activate the option to install unknown source applications by entering the settings menu > security > checklist and activate unknown sources.
  3. After that, install the YCWhatsApp application that you downloaded earlier.
  4. After successfully installing, open the application and register / log in as usual.

YCWhatsApp has a display like Instagram. So it is perfect for those of you who have a hobby of playing Instagram for stalking ex, for example.

In addition to its appearance which is similar to Instagram, this WhatsApp Mod is also equipped with a myriad of features that will support your activities in using this application.

YCWhatsApp feature

  • Can download and upload high-resolution image status.
  • The maximum status of the image is increased to 10 MB.
  • The video status duration is increased to 7 minutes.
  • Can send images up to 10 MB in size.
  • Can send images with a resolution of 3840 PX.
  • Turn off the message counter.
  • Turn off notifications when receiving messages.
  • Hide contact name.
  • There is an option to change the launcher icon.
  • There is an option to change the notification bar icon.
  • A large selection of chat / message bubble styles to use.
  • A wide selection of message control list icon styles can be used
  • Disable proximity sensor.
  • Can hide last seen / online status.
  • Hide when viewing friend status.
  • Hide the blue tick after reading the message.
  • Hide 2 gray checks after sending messages.
  • Hide when recording voice messages.
  • Hide the blue microphone button on the talk page.
  • Hide when typing.

How ? Very complete features owned by YCWhatsApp which has a similar appearance to Instagram.

Safer Privacy

  • You can set and hide the last seen status, even if you are online.
  • Messages that have been sent to you cannot be deleted, if you activate the anti-pull message mode.
  • You can see the status of your friends without getting caught by activating the status view hide mode.
  • You can remove the blue tick and double check which can be used for chat contacts, groups and broadcasts. With the mode you can read messages without the sender knowing it.
  • There is also a hide blue microphone feature that can be used for contacts, groups and broadcasts.
  • Status while typing and recording can be hidden.

Because this is a modified Whatsapp, of course, it has a more attractive appearance than the official version. But not only that, it has more features.

YCWhatsApp is a WhatsApp Mod created and developed by Nickhollas Rodriguez from Portugal.

But ycwhatsapp is deliberately designed like an Instagram story page. 

In the footer area, you will see the menu Home, Call, Camera, Contacts, and Settings.

This WhatsApp Mod is indeed similar to the iPhone WhatsApp style.

Of course this one WhatsApp has many advantages that other WA Mod applications don’t have.

YCWhatsApp is perfect for those of you who are often bored with WA’s just plain appearance.

Because this one WA Mod provides a fresh and unique look so you won’t get bored quickly using it. What’s more, there are themes that can be changed.

That was the explanation I can tell you about the Latest YCWhatsApp Mod Instagram Apk application.

Hopefully this article can be useful and can be a reference for you to choose the WhatsApp Mod application according to your wishes.

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